When searching for electrical assistance, you should always make sure the electrician you choose is a licensed electrician.

The best way to do that is to visit New Mexico’s Contractor Search page.  To operate an electrical business in New Mexico, an individual must posses a valid Contractor License.  You should look for the designation “EE98”.  Now to actually perform electrical work, an individual must be licensed as a “Journeyman Electrician“.  An individual licensed to perform commercial and residential work will have a “EE98J” classification.  There are a few individuals operating as an electrical contractor, but have no Journeyman License and then there are a few that have no license at all.  We can not express enough just how dangerous it can be to have unskilled persons performing electrical work.  Ask too, if they are bonded and insured.  Then, ask if they have a stocked service truck or do they work out of a pick-up.  Once you do all that, check out some of the reasons you should choose ATOPAROK Electrical Services!


Atoparok Electrical Services
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