Just some of Our Services:

Panel Upgrades

breakerpanelThere are a number of reasons to upgrade your electrical panel.

If you are adding an air conditioner, hot tub or an electric water heater, you might need a service upgrade.

If your electrical panel is older than 20 years, you might need a service upgrade.
If you have a fuse box rather than a breaker box, you probably need a service upgrade.

If you have a panel manufactured by Federal Pacific, FPE, or Zinsco, you definitely need a service upgrade!

Atoparok Electrical Services is the leading provider of electrical service upgrades in the Lincoln and Otero County area.  The reason?  Great prices, fast service, and because we do so many panel upgrades, we have an intimate understanding of exactly what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Whether you need to increase the size of your service or replace an out-dated one, we have a perfect solution for you.  …and again, it happens on your time frame!




Home automation can be as simple as installing a timer on some lighting circuits, or total home control.  Whether you would like to have a light or two to operate automatically from dusk to dawn, or be able to control your spa via the internet, ATOPAROK Electrical Services has the expertise you need.  …and if it is remote control you want?  Look no further!  ATOPAROK is the one you need.  Give us a call 575.937.5083.



Ceiling Fans

ceilingfans-2Ceiling fans can be a pain in the neck to install.

Our technicians are experts in this area!  If you have an existing light fixture that you would like to convert to a ceiling fan, we can usually complete the task in less than an hour.  Basically, that means you can have one of our experts professionally install your ceiling fan for about $70.00.   Oh, and by the way, we guarantee all of our work!  Honestly, why would you trust your safety with anyone else?





ATOPAROK believes that safety comes first.checklist

Our Electrical Safety Inspection covers over 30 different electrical situations commonly found in thetypical home.  With every service call, we perform this inspection and inform you of any safety concerns before we leave.  This is just one of the many things that sets us apart from our competition.


New Constructions

ConstructionBuilding a new home or business can get very stressful at times.

The guys at ATOPAROK understand that!  Most electrical contractors give you a “magic” price per square foot, only to smack you with a fat invoice for “extra charges” later.  Things like ceiling fans, door bells, recessed can lights, jacuzzi tubs and any 240 volt circuit are frequently considered extras.  I can’t tell you how many “near divorces” we have seen because of this.

At ATOPAROK we will provide you with a “magic price per square foot” only if you insist!  You see, we know that you will save money, in the long run, if you allow us to do a cost take-off.  We believe the customer should know exactly what it is going to cost to wire their home or business in advance . . . And if there is something that could later be considered an “extra”, we believe the customer should know that information up front too.  At first sight, our “take-off” price may not appear to be the best deal, but ask the other guys about their “extras”.  With ATOPAROK, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises!  If it is quality you want,  no one even comes close to Atoparok Electrical Services!



kitchen_remodelWhen it’s time to remodel or renovate your home or business, it’s important to hire an electrician with experience in older construction methods.  ATOPAROK Electrical Services has experience in all types of construction.  For over 25 years, the guys at ATOPAROK have been involved with remodels of all magnitudes.  We are very aware of the dangers of issues like: asbestos and lead based paint.


New Circuits

New CurcuitNew Circuits can sometimes be required.  If you are adding a significant current drawing device, our technicians know if you will require an additional circuit.  Should you require a new circuit, know that our technicians are very empathetic to your concerns.

Our staff is highly trained to make any and all circuit additions as invisible as possible.  We take great pride in our work!  Most often, we can install a new circuit with no visible evidence that we were ever there!




Troubleshooting can be a tricky thing.  Basically, the idea is to locate the problem and then repair it. This procedure can take a long time or a relatively short time depending on the skill of your electrician, and the complexity of the problem.

Our electrical technicians are specially trained in troubleshooting procedures.  Additionally, we have two expert electricians with over 25 years of troubleshooting experience available at all times to our field personnel.  For our customers, this means fast and accurate troubleshooting.

Atoparok Electrical Services
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