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You will find us to be the most complete Electrical Contractor in Southeastern New Mexico.  Whether your needs are RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL or INDUSTRIAL, we have you covered.

We are very experienced in A/C and D/C systems, in every voltage configuration utilized today.

Our broad knowledge base includes:

  • Emergency Back-up Power Systems
  • Custom Lighting
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Controls
  • Home Entertainment
  • Computer Networking
  • Electric Gates
  • Broadband Systems
  • Manufactured Homes

Honestly, if it has a wire, uses electricity or creates it, we know it.  We pride ourselves on being the best and we know you will agree.

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Atoparok Electrical Services
Dan Sherrell
Commercial, Industrial, Residential NM Lic #360806
If you can dream it, we can do it.